Hempstead Public Schools

Hobbs congratulates the Class of 2022




The final weeks of the school year are upon us again.   This is a bittersweet time for families and High School seniors alike, as the end of June’s caps and gowns signify the closing of one chapter and the beginning of another.  This Village takes the utmost pride in the success of our Hempstead High School seniors, as their time in public school comes to a close and they embark on their next journey, be it college or university, vocational school, or career in their chosen field. 

While our Hempstead High School seniors are not finished yet, I would like to take the time to congratulate all those graduating this year: The Class of 2022.  Your tenure in High School has brought unprecedented challenges, including a global pandemic and remote learning, among other obstacles.  You have taken these in stride, along with your families, teachers, and other supporters who have been with you along the way.  Your success in High School and beyond indicates that Hempstead Village’s brightest days are ahead of us. 

This exciting time also brings upon you some of the happiest moments of your lives.  You will have the opportunity to attend prom and graduation parties, don a cap and gown and receive a diploma.  Hempstead students are receiving acceptance letters in the mail to their dream colleges, signing a work agreement to begin a new career, or some may even be swearing a sacred oath to join a branch of the United States military - an honorable choice indeed. 

Whatever the future may hold, remember the home that Hempstead has been for you.  Remember the friends that you have made along the way and all those who have been there with you throughout your educational career.  Remember also that Hempstead will always be your home and will welcome you back when you have been emboldened and successful in your career.  Giving back to our community is one of the many ways that you can help ensure that the Hempstead students of tomorrow are as successful as you will all grow to become. 

Furthermore, I encourage each of you to reach for the stars and strive for greater.  I like to call Hempstead a “Village of Firsts,” we have had various history makers, professional athletes, business titans, political figures, governmental leaders, and military heroes come from our Village and break barriers, including New York State’s first-ever and only African American Governor and, as of Thursday, the first-ever African American and openly LGBTQ White House Press Secretary.  Be inspired by their success to achieve your own.  Follow their footprints in the sand until you are able to make your own for others to follow as well.  

Your success is our success, and success is never done alone - it is contagious and bountiful. I encourage each and every graduating High School senior to chart their own path and vigorously pursue their goals.  And, without question, based upon the determination and perseverance shown by the Class of 2022 already, each of you can certainly become the proverbial “rising tide” that raises all ships.

Congratulations to the Class of 2022!