KJ’s Corner brings new meaning to word ‘variety’


KJ’s Corner is the newest business to open in Glen Head, offering residents of all ages products ranging from candy, toys, school supplies and numerous other knickknacks and other products that brings a whole new meaning to the word variety.

KJ’s is owned and operated by Karli Langone, a 26-year old woman who grew up in Roslyn Heights. Because her mother was from Glen Head, she has gone to the hamlet and Sea Cliff since she was a child to visit her grandmother or buy groceries. She has grown to love the community.

“My grandma lived here so we always came here to do everything, since that was what my mom was familiar with,” Karli said. “I knew the place like the back of my hand.”

Karli said that although she has a master’s degree in criminal justice from CW Post, she has spent many years working in variety stores, both before and during college. While she enjoyed the work, she realized there was little room for promotion or growth. So, she began to consider opening her own establishment.

At the encouragement of her mother and her friends, Karli took the jump and decided to open a store in Sea Cliff at 697 Glen Cove Ave., which had been vacant for several years. Thus, KJ’s Corner was born.

Her mother Terri, who is also the company’s sole employee, explained that although it was a slow-moving process to buy the property and get the store running, her daughter persevered. Terri is helping her daughter run the store while she becomes acclimated in the community.

“She just kept scoping this spot out because she really liked this locale and she made a plan,” Terri said. “So, it took some time, but she did it.”

The name KJ refers to Karli herself, as her middle name is Julia. Before the store opened in November, what was most important was to stock the new store.

While Karli doesn’t like to refer to the place as a variety store, the wide range of products on sale certainly seems like it would fit into the category. KJ’s is stocked with all kinds of party and school supplies as well as toys and candy. Karli was proud to note that they are the only store in the community which sells balloons, a must-have for many party-planners.

She wanted to provide a little something for everyone in her new store, she explained, and since the property is located near the high school and middle school, she decided to provide products which students would appreciate, hence the wide range of candy and school supplies, like notepads, pencils and flashcards.

Karli also emphasized that as the store continues to establish itself in the community she will change and expand her range of products. Her main goal is to ultimately create a place that has something for everyone.

Deborah Orgel-Gordon, founder of the North Shore Biz Network, said she found out about KJ’s Corner about two months ago, right before it opened. Orgel-Gordon mentioned how excited she was to see a new business opening in Glen Head, especially one run by a younger person who can bring a new style of thinking and energy to the business community.

“The community recently had a couple of stores closing down so it’s a breath of fresh air to have something unique open up here,” Orgel-Gordon said. “It’s great to see that she came out with something new and different because I really think new and different is what’s important, instead of selling the same products all over.”