Uniondale Crime

Homicide in Uniondale

The Nassau County Homicide Squad is investigating a homicide that occurred on Tuesday, July 19, 2022, at 8:58 pm in Uniondale. According to detectives, First Precinct officers responded to a call …

Hempstead crime

Fatal stabbing of young Hempstead man

The Nassau County Homicide Squad reports the details of a fatal stabbing that occurred at 5:28 pm on Friday, July 8, in Hempstead.

Hempstead Village Education

Sacred Heart students’ research published

Two Hempstead girls, Bella Guerra and Kaylin Spinelli, have once again excelled in local and international behavioral science venues.

Hempstead history

A tribute to Hempstead Village entrepreneur Lonnie Johnson

All times are right for remembering good people, but Black History Month is especially right for commemorating Lonnie Johnson, an athletic Air Force veteran who once owned five businesses in Hempstead.

Peer Diversion Court now allowing ABGS participants

Sean and Bobby, ages 24 and 17, argued about money in the car. Sean was driving. Their argument intensified. At one point, Sean locked the doors from the driver’s side so Bobby couldn’t leave the car.


Long Island students’ resources depend on race

A report just published by ERASE Racism explores how equitably educational resources are available across school districts on Long Island . . .

Randi Kreiss

Taking to the air is no flight of fancy

If you have fond memories of flying someplace for summer fun, well, you can just wipe that fantasy out of your head.


Suozzi is right choice for Long Island and New York

We don’t typically endorse at the primary level — or at the gubernatorial level. But then again, Tom Suozzi is not a typical candidate. Not only is he from Long Island; he’s also from Nassau County — an important distinction from Kathy Hochul and Jumaane Williams. He understands the needs of Long Island communities and wants to make sure those needs are not overlooked.


Attorneys, how about teaching law school?

Calling all lawyers: We need you back in law school, now. We need you in classrooms and clinics, in person and on Zoom.