Officials: Shortage of baby, medical formula was avoidable

Under a spring sky soft with the threat of rain in the air, Don Clavin joined fellow government officials and parents demanding Congress push much harder to alleviate the current national shortage of baby and medical formula.

Hempstead Village Education

Sacred Heart students’ research published

Two Hempstead girls, Bella Guerra and Kaylin Spinelli, have once again excelled in local and international behavioral science venues.

Hempstead and Uniondale Crime

Drunk driving indictment for Uniondale woman

Nassau County District Attorney Anne T. Donnelly announced the indictment of a Uniondale woman on charges including aggravated vehicular homicide, for allegedly driving while intoxicated at a high rate of speed and crashing into a parked vehicle in Hempstead, killing the occupant, in May 2021.

Hempstead history

A tribute to Hempstead Village entrepreneur Lonnie Johnson

All times are right for remembering good people, but Black History Month is especially right for commemorating Lonnie Johnson, an athletic Air Force veteran who once owned five businesses in Hempstead.

Peer Diversion Court now allowing ABGS participants

Sean and Bobby, ages 24 and 17, argued about money in the car. Sean was driving. Their argument intensified. At one point, Sean locked the doors from the driver’s side so Bobby couldn’t leave the car.


Maintaining VA centers is the least we can do

In the waning weeks of the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln realized that sooner rather than later, the tens of thousands of Union soldiers returning from the battlefield would be forced to fend for themselves.


This week we pay tribute to volunteers

Several years ago, during my first day on the job as regional disaster officer for the American Red Cross in Central and South Texas, where I worked before joining the organization here in New York . . .

Jerry Kremer

Let’s focus more on Long Island’s downtowns

In Nassau and Suffolk counties there are over 100 villages and 11 towns. While all of these jurisdictions are supported by property taxes . . .

Randi Kreiss

The holidays don’t dampen worldwide strife

This week the three major religions of the world marked their holy days in calendric synchrony. Over the same few days,