Long Island church leader charged with rape

Nassau police arrested Uniondale resident Jose Wilfredo Vazquez Cardoza, a church leader in Amityville and Hempstesd for allegedly raping a minor.

Fourth-graders get to adopt-a-cop

Adopt-a-cop fair was held in Hempstead Village on June 13, which has been supervised by Hempstead Detective Mark Russell for the past seven years.

Town of Hempstead Night with the Long Island Rough Riders

The Town of Hempstead and Long Island’s Rough Riders soccer team are hosting “Town of Hempstead Night” on Sunday, June 30 at 6 p.m.

Alana Peterson teaches middle school students how to be successful

Former Alverta B. Gray Schultz Middle School student Alana Peterson gave college and career advice to current seventh graders.

Hempstead man indicted for fatal DWI crash in Uniondale

The Hempstead man accused of driving while intoxicated was charged with manslaughter in connection the Feb. 24 crash in Uniondale.


Summer brings a greater risk of fires

Summer weather brings an increased risk of fires. Whether it’s a backyard grill or a campfire, fire hazards are more prevalent at this time of year, which is why it’s critical to be aware of fire safety practices.


NUMC is on the road to financial recovery

The treatment is working. For the past year, the leadership of Long Island’s largest safety-net hospital has buckled down to demonstrate that this beacon of hope for so many residents can survive, and thrive.


Cars, vintage and new, test the young and old

No one, young or old, should get behind the wheel of an automobile unless they know how to start, stop, turn on the lights, and put it in park. Also, if the car is older than 10, mind the handbrake. And never, ever get your emergency driving tips from Instagram.