Two Covid cases confirmed at Camp Anchor


The Town of Hempstead Friday confirmed that two cases of coronavirus have been discovered at Camp Anchor in Lido Beach, a facility that provides activities for developmentally-disabled adults.

A letter was sent to parents of campers explaining that one camper and a staff member had tested positive for the Covid-19 virus.

Hempstead town officials, who run the camp, have said they have taken extraordinary precautions in opening Anchor this summer.

The camp, sitting on the beach, serves about 1,200 children and adults year-round. There are about 680 summer campers.

Town Supervisor Don Clavin had said that the camp will allow the youngsters, adults, and volunteer staff to spend one day a week at Anchor during the summer. There will also be five weeks of online classroom activities for the campers, including arts and crafts and daily videos.

In the letter to parents, Dr. David Neubert, the town's medical director, said "We are not aware of anyone that is seriously ill at this time. Under my direction, we have an extensive screening program in place that meets or exceeds applicable state COVID-19 standards for the participants in the ANCHOR Program. Our screening program identified a possible concern yesterday morning and then again later in the evening, and steps were immediately taken to mitigate the risks to all involved. We have identified all possible exposures and ensured that all persons of concern were notified and advised to remain at home for monitoring and/or testing as appropriate."