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South Shore residents support potential NYAW takeover

South Shore residents spoke forcefully at a public hearing on Feb. 26 that reviewed the state’s study to examine a potential public takeover of New York American Water’s private …

Oceanside Library to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday — virtually

The Oceanside Library is set for a day of whimsy as it celebrates the annual Dr. Seuss Birthday Bash — this time virtually — on March 7, starting at 10 a.m.

Oceanside native authors book about students with special needs

Oceanside native Shannon Kelly Dass has combined her loves for teaching and writing to help youth and parents alike to understand students with special needs like the ones she works with every day. In her recently published book, “Charlie’s Journey”, Dass aims to give a voice to the students she teaches and is inspired by.

Oceanside entrepreneurs invent product to protect cell phones

Oceanside brothers Matt and Luke Tagle have taken inspiration from ABC’s “Shark Tank” and created and trademarked a product that has already made its way to Walmart and Amazon. With The Pocket Pillow, the brothers are aiming to protect users’ phones from being damage or lost.

Local students launch dog rescue club

A group of high school students from throughout the Baldwin area have formed a club to support local nonprofit dog rescue centers and advocate for adoptions and rescues of dogs. Oceanside High …


So now that you’re vaccinated . . .

I applaud the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recent guidance update recommending that people who are fully vaccinated not be confined to quarantine after exposure to a case of Covid-19.


How do you know I’m from Lawn Guyland?

I was in Ryann’s Wines in East Meadow around the holidays, standing at the checkout, when a fellow customer, a man in his 70s, called out to a 20-something employee from across the store.

Randi Kreiss

A governor bruised by a pandemic mistake

I admired Gov. Mario Cuomo so much that I actually bought an old CD of his speeches some years ago, and I actually listened to them. So I am educated in the successes and rhetorical and political skills of the Cuomo boys.