Photos: Zach Allen Softball Classic raises $10,000 for Oceanside seniors

Oceanside Park buzzed with excitement on Sunday, July 14, as softball enthusiasts gathered for the second annual Zachary Allen Classic Memorial softball tournament. The tournament was rescheduled …

Reflecting on a successful year at Oceanside’s Friedberg JCC

Leaders of the Friedberg JCC, in Oceanside, recently reflected on a successful year, and handed out awards to longstanding members and others who have made significant contributions to the …

The Oceanside Pool is officially open

Amid a sweltering heat wave, Town of Hempstead Supervisor Don Clavin announced on Monday the re-opening of Oceanside Pool. The popular Town facility, which is a half-century old, recently underwent …

Oceanside remembers Zach Allen with second annual memorial softball tournament on July 14

Oceanside is gearing up for the second annual Zachary Allen Classic Memorial Softball Tournament, which is set to take place at Oceanside Park on July 13 at 10 a.m. The event was created last …

Island Park opens beach season with tunes

The Village of Island Park opened Masone Beach on June 29, marking the start of the 2024 summer season. The beach came alive with the sounds of Captain Jack, who entertained the crowd with classic …

Paul Engel provides support and healing with group therapy

Oceanside resident and clinical social worker Paul Engel will be facilitating an eight-week-long group therapy session called “Healing from Emotional Anger and Relational Trauma”. The sessions …


If you like horror stories, read Project 2025

Project 2025 is a 922-page manifesto created by the Heritage Foundation. It has been described as a road map for any new Trump administration. It outlines, agency by agency, the federal programs and projects that should be eliminated, and what the policies of a second Trump administration would be.


The key to safe swimming? Paying attention.

Swimming pools are supposed to be places of joy, not tragedy. They offer respite from the summer heat, host family gatherings and are a place for those of all ages to play and exercise — but they also present significant potential dangers, especially for younger children and inexperienced swimmers.


Only our police officers should be doing police work

Although I have been involved with many aspects of the criminal justice system during my legal career as a Queens County assistant district attorney and as a private practitioner, the academy was an eye-opening and enlightening experience that I believe would give any Nassau resident vital insights into the daily activities of our law enforcement professionals.


Fighting antisemitism and hate needs to start early

As a former Board of Education member and president in the Long Beach school district who has worked to provide a safe and more inclusive environment for our students, I am gravely concerned about the unprecedented escalation of antisemitism on our college campuses that many young Jewish people in our community will be facing in just a couple of months.