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Cornering the Market

Solutions to make your inside air feel perfect!


Daikin North America LLC (Daikin)

817 Sunrise Highway, Lynbrook

(516) 206-1596,


Daikin Comfort Design Center, a new showroom featuring residential products from the largest HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) manufacturer worldwide, has just opened in Lynbrook...the first of its kind for Daikin, and possibly for the HVAC industry, in North America.  For 95 years, Daikin Industries Ltd. (DIL), boasting more than 70,000 employees, has been headquartered in Osaka, Japan. In 2012, DIL purchased Goodman Global Group, a leading manufacturer of residential unitary HVAC in the United States, and Daikin North America LLC was created. They built a state-of-the-art office, laboratory, showroom, manufacturing and logistics campus near Houston, TX, equal to the size of 74 football fields.

Changing and more sophisticated technology, in both heating and cooling air, has allowed for more solutions and options for the homeowner. For example, depending on the age of a house, central air conditioning might be built with ducts, or be non-existent, requiring window units. Daikin products can be used to either replace a system completely, or mix and match what exists, using ductless and inverter solutions. And their new products are easily adaptable to older homes.

Regardless of the climate or season, Daikin uses “Air Intelligence” to make inside air feel perfect. Key technologies can include inverter type air conditioners, which eliminate wasted operation in by efficiently controlling motor speed, without turning the motor on and off, resulting in saving 30 percent more energy. A heat pump matched with an air handler is an excellent alternative for both heating and cooling a home. It extracts warm air from your home during summer, and brings in warm air during the winter. Other innovative products as well as the latest technologies can be viewed and are explained in detail on Daikin’s website. All technologies developed by Daikin hold both the homeowner and the environment in high regard.

Daikin takes pride in their customer service. Whether you’d like a Daikin One+ smart thermostat, have a single area or room that needs heat or cooling, or want a whole new heating or air conditioning system, professionals at their showroom will listen to the customer, evaluate his or her needs, explain all there is to know, and direct them to options and solutions. Numerous warranties are available as is flexible financing. Appointments can be made by phone or through their website, www.daikinlynbrook.com.