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The North Merrick Public Library hosts a spook-tacular scavenger hunt


The North Merrick Public Library got into the holiday spirit ahead of All Hallows’ Eve by inviting local families to participate in an outdoor scavenger hunt with a “super spooky” theme, Head of Children’s Jackie Perez said.

From Oct. 20-24, costume-clad children perused the library’s backyard armed with a list of clues, which led them to different Halloween decorations spread out throughout the grounds. Some items were hidden in the trees, against the fence and under a walkway. Once each item was found, the children received a bag of ghoulish goodies as a reward.

“We usually do indoor activities,” Perez said, “but because of Covid . . . we decided to go outside where people can be socially distanced and safe and still celebrate the holiday.”

More than 100 families came through the library to try their hand at the scavenger hunt, Perez said. “Everyone’s just looking for a way to celebrate Halloween [this year], so we’re happy to be a part of that.”