BREAKING NEWS: Anissa Moore appointed Nassau Deputy County Executive

LB Council opts out of state’s retail marijuana program

The Long Beach City Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to opt out of a New York State program that would have allowed the establishment of a dispensary to sell retail marijuana. The council …

LB city council moves forward to settle Haberman suit

Saying it was the best deal it could have gotten, the Long Beach City Council took its biggest step yet Tuesday night to settle a multi-million dollar lawsuit by a developer that has been ongoing for …


Bail reform law needs still more tweaking

Nassau County Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder convened a news conference on Jan. 13 to make a point: The state’s bail reform law, enacted in January 2020, needs further reform . . .


An inauguration like no other

I have been blessed to raise my hand and pledge to serve my community as an elected official many times over the past 16 years. However, last Monday was the first — and hopefully, last — time that I will take the oath of office in my living room.

Randi Kreiss

Can your stove talk to you?

I really needed to get on the Smart HQ website to get my new G.E. Café Series kitchen appliances online. Oh, you didn’t know? You must have internet-friendly ovens and cooktops these days.

Jerry Kremer

RIP Paul Jackson, renowned South Shore historian

The towns, cities and villages of Long Island have their own recorded and unrecorded histories. Their stories are told by local historians, librarians and historical societies. In many cases . . .