Everything you need to know about throwing a baby shower

Giggster compiled a list of the best tips and tricks for throwing a baby shower to remember.

Fantastic Ideas Can Win Fantastic Prizes

(NAPSI)—The newest and most exciting voices of science fiction and fantasy have been found by the L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers and Illustrators of the Future Contests, for nearly four decades. …

How educational games have evolved over time

Best Universities compiled a list of how different kinds of digital games for teaching students have evolved over time, from The Oregon Trail to the latest version of the Scratch programming app.

A Guided Journey of Transformation, Healing and Power
(NewsUSA) - It’s a tricky business, being human!Most of us, according to Susan Drury, have lingering feelings – whether consciously realized or not – of ambivalence around something in our …
States with the most hate crimes
Stacker investigated the states where the most hate crimes take place using the FBI's 2019 Hate Crime Statistics.
New Study Estimates YouTube’s Impact on U.S. Economy and Culture
(NAPSI)—The next time you enjoy watching something on YouTube, you may care to consider there’s a lot more to the service than fun and learning. It’s an important part of our economy, too. …
A brief history of the shoes and moments that defined sneaker culture
Stacker took a deep dive into the histories of some game-changing shoes to see why the world continues to obsess over these sneaks.
How much of these plant-based foods would you have to eat to get the same amount of protein as from meat?
Thistle investigated how much of various plant-based foods you would have to eat to get the same amount of protein as meat using data from My Food Data.  
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States with the highest rate of people killed by police

Stacker cited data from the Washington Post's Fatal Force Database to look at the rate of fatal police shootings per state in the U.S. since 2015.

The ABCs of Reaching Gen Z: Ads, Brands, Connections

(NAPSI)—There are an estimated 68 million Americans in what’s known as Gen Z, or “Zoomers,” born between 1997 and 2012. They’re now flowing into the workforce and represent significant …

From flintlock muskets to AR-15s: A history of guns in America

Stacker compiled 10 key moments in the development of firearm technology throughout U.S. history.

7 things you need to know about throwing a milestone birthday party

Giggster compiled seven pointers for throwing the most memorable milestone birthday.  

States that drafted the most men in World War II

Stacker analyzed data quantifying draft numbers during World War II from multiple sources, such as historical Census data and the Selective Service System, to rank how many men were drafted per state.

Honoring Naval History: 5 Ways to Keep Museums Afloat and History Alive

(BPT) - There are approximately 120 navy vessels designated as national historic landmarks in the United States. Naval ship museums help preserve American maritime heritage and educate future …

Men are 3 times as likely as women to bike in the US. Here's how the demographics of cyclists break down

Using data from a study published in Transport Reviews, Velotric broke down the gender demographics of cycling around the world.  

Extraordinary Nurse Educators Leading in Extraordinary Times

(NewsUSA) - Nurse educators are in a unique position to make an impact by inspiring nurses in education and by promoting public health through work in schools, businesses, hospitals, and community …

Baby names losing popularity in the 21st century

Stacker took a look at the names losing popularity in the 21st century, using data from the Social Security Administration.

10 most unexpected MLB pitching performances
Stacker curated the 10 most unbelievable pitching performances since 1969 using data from Baseball-Reference.com.  
LGBTQ+ individuals are disproportionately impacted by gun violence. Here's what the data shows
Northwell Health partnered with Stacker to compile statistics on the disproportionate impact of gun violence on LGBTQ+ people using various data and sources.
The history behind 7 casino games that are popular to play online
The Game Day Casino compiled a list of the history behind seven casino games that are popular to play online.  
Active vs. ordinary nitric oxide: Where each exists in the body and how they impact your health
NNOXX detailed the differences between active and ordinary nitric oxide using its own science and a variety of other scientific sources.
Keep Your Home Office Organized for Increased Productivity
(Family Features) Getting organized can help you tackle home management tasks more efficiently. These tips can help you get started.