City wins platinum award from AAA Northeast


The City of Long Beach won the Platinum Award from the AAA Northeast’s Community Traffic Safety Program. The program recognizes communities that make outstanding efforts to make the region’s roads safer for motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians.

The city and the police department were recognized for their Downtown to the Boardwalk project in 2021. The project aimed at increasing accessibility to the central business district. There were drainage improvements, pavement upgrades, reconstruction of bike lanes and new and clearly marked crosswalks.

“This award reflects the outstanding work that takes place when two city departments collaborate for the betterment of the community,” police commissioner Ron Walsh said. “Congratulations to Lt. Corbett, commanding officer of the Long Beach Traffic Division, and Construction Inspector Brooke Anderson of the Department of Public Works. Without their work and collaboration, these improvements would never materialize.”

The city also participated in a wide variety of enforcement programs. The programs included Stop DWI, Click It or Ticket and seat belt enforcement checkpoints, contributing to safer driving.

When Covid restrictions began to be lifted, many communities saw an increase in traffic and traffic incidents. The city’s efforts helped make it safer for motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians in Long Beach.