Costco coming to Oceanside


Costco is coming to Oceanside’s Oil City neighborhood, for better or worse.

The Hempstead Town Board approved Costco’s application to build a new 151,000-square-foot-store, complete with a gas station with 30,000 gallons of storage tanks, eight pumps for the sale of gasoline and diesel fuel and a tire installation garage, by a vote of 5-0 at its meeting on September 2. Board member Angie Cullen was absent.

The store will be built on a 13-acre parcel of land on the corner of Hampton Road and Daly Boulevard which was previously used as an oil-storage facility. The application included a special exception to operate a public garage in a 6,973-square-foot section of the facility.

The board tabled its decision on the application at its August 5 meeting, but ultimately ruled that the store would have “no significant adverse environmental impact” on the area and was “consistent with the considerations of public interest.”

Some Oceanside residents are not so sure.

“I have mixed feelings on this project,” said Ellis Simon of Atlantic Avenue. “It will create jobs and generate sales tax revenue that the county needs. However, it will also add traffic to Daly and Lawson Boulevards and, to a lesser extent, Long Beach Road. Oil City is an industrial wasteland and any new clean businesses would be an improvement. However, there has never been a plan developed for the area, and that is a shortcoming of the Town of Hempstead government.”

“Everyone is crying about the traffic,” said Ken Jacoby. “I think that’s overblown. Of course, traffic on Lawson Boulevard is already beyond terrible.”

Tom Lanning, president of the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce and owner of Pastosa Ravioli, an Italian specialty food company which is located about two miles north of the Costco site, also sees both pros and cons to the wholesaler setting up shop in Oceanside.

“For the most part, it’s a good spot for the store. It’s a site that normally wouldn’t be built upon,” he said. “The problem is people will have to drive through the whole town to get to it, and that will upset some neighborhoods.”

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  • keitho51

    Having been a resident for 63 years, I can say with no doubt that COSTCO coming to Oceanside is a great thing! Too many people whine about traffic. Lawson Blvd. provides easy access, as does Daly Blvd. Oil City was a great facility in its day, and of course COSTCO is even better!

    Keith Andoos


    Thursday, September 11, 2014 Report this

  • babysladkaya

    I think this is a great development for Oceanside's Oil City area which is now a total dump. And, traffic on Lawson is not that bad! Local businesses have nothing to worry about, we normally go to the Costco in Lawrence and I don't think how the local businesses there suffer, there are still things that I would buy from the local stores. For example, I don't buy produce from Costco, while it's good, it's just too much for our family. I mostly like to go there for the non-perishables, non-food items.

    Thursday, September 11, 2014 Report this

  • JohnEM

    I think this is wonderful, and a long time coming. There are pros and cons for sure, but all growth involves challenges and change to the status quo. Useful development like this is necessary sustain a community's continued prosperity. Costco will provide construction jobs to start and then permanent jobs for the duration. Some current tenants along Hampton Rd may not like the increased traffic flow, but some will take advantage of it. And I believe the businesses on Lawson Blvd will benefit as well, hopefully filling some of the vacancies and eyesores in that area. This is good!

    I hope the Nassau IDA works with Costco quickly so they can break ground and build now! I'd like to be shopping there in five years and not still talking about it!

    Sunday, September 14, 2014 Report this