Kids perform in their annual Winter Wonderland event

St. Raymond’s Church hosted this performance last month


Preschoolers from InterCommunity Nursery School brought back their Winter Wonderland event last month.

This yearly event is a showcase for the kids who attend the Lynbrook preschool to perform songs on stage in front of their parents. The students practiced for this event for two months. The performance was at St. Raymond’s Church on Jan. 20.

“This event is for the two, three, and four year olds to go on stage and sing festive winter songs,” Danielle Davis, co-president of the nursery’s board, said. “They’re extremely cute on stage and also slightly embarrassed.”

Davis said that during the rehearsal performances, the kids would belt out their songs, but on the day of the actual performance, they clammed up a little bit. According to Davis, the kids dressed up nicely for the event and participated in some arts and crafts when they weren’t on the stage. There were also refreshments and bagels provided for parents.

“We don’t have that many events at the school where the whole school can come together,” Davis said. “So this was a really nice way for all of the parents to come together as a community.”

Some of the songs that the kids sang were a song about how to build a snowman and some of the pre-K students sang a song about marching like penguins.

“It was great for people whose first year it was seeing this event,” Davis said. “The moms were tearing up because of the kids performing up on the stage.”

Davis noted that this event was like a mini dance recital, but it also it allowed the students to go off and do their own thing. The ission of this event, according to Davis, was to bring all of the parents, families, and the community together. She aimed for this event to be a celebration of the students.

“This event is a nice way to kind of celebrate each other and see everyone get together,” Davis said. “It’s a small school with a big heart.”

The event was cancelled due to Covid in 2021 and then it was postponed the next year due to an uptick in cases. So Davis is glad that this event is back to being an annual celebration after the December holidays. Davis said that she hopes that this event will continue next year and future years, as long as there isn’t another pandemic.