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Massapequa man pleads guilty to murder of Merokean Evan Grabelsky


A Massapequa man pleaded guilty to the 2019 death of 32-year-old Evan Grabelsky, who was killed in a stabbing attack inside his Merrick home.

Ryan Lindquist, 23, admitted to the second-degree murder charge in Nassau County Court on March 3. The two met on a dating app.

Grabelsky suffered more than 150 stab wounds on his hands, arms and other parts of his body, according to Nassau County Police Department Commanding Officer Stephen Fitzpatrick, of the Homicide Squad.

Grabelsky was found dead in his home on June 1, 2019. He had been living with his parents — who were out at the time of the attack — in a two-story home on Elliot Street near Frankel Boulevard.

The altercation began in Grabelsky’s bedroom on the first floor, Fitzpatrick described in a press conference following the incident. The struggle continued through the house, into a common den area, and ended on a landing between the first and second floor. It appeared that Grabelsky was trying to escape, Fitzpatrick said.

Lindquist also caused injuries to his own hands, Fitzpatrick added. “We noticed he injured himself — both of his hands were cut up,” he said, “which is indicative of someone who stabbed somebody over 100 times.”

Evidence of their relationship was gathered through telephone conversations and text messages. Grabelsky's parents did not know Lindquist, Fitzpatrick said.

Lindquist lives on Rhode Island Avenue in Massapequa and was employed by a costume store in Westbury.

Grabelsky was remembered as selfless on social media. “Whenever somebody needed encouragement, a laugh or share a love for smart sweets, Evan was there as positive as can be,” wrote Wicked Wellness, a Facebook page dedicated to encouraging people on weight-loss journeys, in a post.

Many who posted memories of Grabelsky belonged to the Weight Watchers community. In 2012, Grabelsky lost more than 100 pounds after attending Weight Watchers meetings in Wantagh. He told Newsday that his problem was food addiction, which he worked through at the meetings.

Grabelsky worked as a special education paraprofessional at Great Neck North High School since September 2015. He earned his bachelor’s degree in communication and media studies from University of Massachusetts at Amherst in 2009, and a master’s in school counseling and guidance services from Queens College in 2012.

In 2011, he worked as a school-counseling intern at Wellington C. Mepham High School. He was also an associate director at Camp Iconic in Bellmore, where he oversaw the recruitment and hiring of staff members, coordinated training sessions and served as a liaison between staff and parents.

Acting State Supreme Court Justice Helene Gugerty said she planned to sentence Lindquist next month to 20 years to life in prison under a plea bargain the prosecution and defense negotiated, Newsday reported.