Prioritizing Women's Health at NUMC


Our wives, moms and all the women who are the backbones of our families and our communities have a lot of demands on their time. Between work and other commitments, more than half of women in a recent study admitted their own health care takes a back seat to helping others. That’s why at NUMC we’ve endeavored to create a one-stop access point for the health care needs of Nassau’s women.

NUMC’s new, modern Women’s Health Center provides the services women often require in convenient location with access to a high quality outpatient care.

The obstetrics and gynecological practice at Nassau University Medical Center provides comprehensive health care throughout the stages of a woman’s life from adolescence through childbearing, and the unique issues that arise with aging into their senior years.

The fight against cancers that commonly impact women is one that has seen marked successes over the last several decades. According to the CDC, 40 percent of new cancer diagnoses and 25 percent of cancer deaths among women each year are attributed to breast, colorectal, and cervical cancer. All of those today have high survivability rates with early detection.

At NUMC, we’ve made providing both information to patients and access to screening a priority. Access to screening and early detection is particularly critical for women of color and economically challenged patients whose cancer and death rates outpace other patients.

At NUMC, breast, cervical and colorectal screenings are regularly performed free of charge for women who qualify. Our clinics are open weekdays to support the needs of every member of the community to ensure these health threats are caught early enabling our physicians to craft a treatment strategy as soon as possible.

Thousands of new Nassau County residents make their way into the world at NUMC every year. For women who are expecting or trying to get pregnant, we’ve created an environment that is welcoming and provides a full range of services from fertility assistance to OB/GYN, maternal fetal medicine and more. We also offer nutritionists and social workers to help ensure both mother and baby have a smooth start.

Our state-of-the-art Maternity and Newborn Center continues to be renovated to include freshly appointed rooms that allow both mother and baby to experience a comfortable atmosphere. We offer a total of twenty private rooms for increased privacy and family time. Our facility also offers safe water-birth amenities for those who desire it.

When it comes to women’s health care - and our other services, - we don’t turn women away based on their insurance status, unlike other hospitals.

The women in our lives do so much for us. Their health and their unique healthcare challenges will always be a priority for greater access to the best physicians, treatment techniques, technology, and compassionate care.

Our approach to women’s health is another reason NUMC is much more than a hospital. It’s another reason Nassau needs NUMC.