Nassau County Legislature calls for swift action on infrastructure


In response to the appearance of three sinkholes in Lido Beach, Baldwin, and Oceanside over the past two months, Legislator Debra Mulé united with Baldwin community leaders and residents on Aug. 7.

Members of the minority caucus and residents met at the Theodore Roosevelt Executive and Legislative Building in Mineola at 11 a.m. Monday.

They collectively demanded an immediate and comprehensive solution to Nassau County's unfolding infrastructure crisis. Fixing each of the three sinkholes required an emergency use of millions of dollars. The repairs were done quickly and without issue, not including immense traffic buildup.

“No one was injured or lost their life and we may not always be so lucky in the future,” Mulé said. “I have already written letters to our federal representatives to release that money as quickly as possible, and to make sure that it can be used for this purpose."

She has also contacted Gov. Kathy Hochul to speed up the delivery of these funds to meet Nassau County's needs. She sent a final letter to Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman, asking for attention to these infrastructure problems in this year's financial plan.

Moving forward, Mulé said she plans to work with other lawmakers to put these infrastructure issues at the top of the county's financial plan. She cited the studies conducted by Suez, the county's sewage treatment partner, on the sewer pipes, as data to consider. Similarly, she acknowledged the need for information on water pipelines to make realistic and proactive decisions.

“We as a legislature need to have accurate information to inform our decisions in what locations are the sewer and water pipeline the most fragile," she said.

Legislator Mulé stressed that the issue is not partisan and affects all 19 districts.

Officials thanked the county administration for their prompt response to the Grand Boulevard sinkhole and called for increased focus on infrastructure in the face of potential future development. They also thanked residents for their patience during the disruptions.

The legislators urged federal, state, and county partners to collectively work towards restoring and improving infrastructure in Nassau County.