Get to know your local first responders

Lakeview Civic Association hosts officer meet and greet


The Lakeview Civic Association hosted Council Laura Ryder, newly reelected to the Town of Hempstead board, and two Nassau County Police Department police officers at their monthly meeting last Thursday. Officer Angelica Caggiano and Sergeant Eric Finn, from 5th precinct’s “Problem-Oriented Police” unit — or “POP” for short — came to the LCA’s monthly meeting to say hi.

The POP unit is focused on helping communities out with non-emergency issues like road safety. The officers in POP units are meant to be the face of their department in their local communities, and often work with schools and civic organizations.

For their February meeting, the Lakeview Civic Association also gave tribute to Black History Month. Lakeview has a significant role in the history of civil rights in America. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. himself marched down Ocean Ave. in support of desegregating the school district. Before that, the children of Lakeview — most of whom were Black — went to Woodfield Road School, while the children of Malverne — most of whom were white — went to Maurice W. Downing Primary School.

The Lakeview Civic Association was founded to advocate for the neighbors of Lakeview. They work closely with the school district, the NAACP, the Lakeview Public Library and local houses of worship to host events and help connect people with community resources.

—Nicole Formisano