A chance to celebrate, no matter your ability

As Burgers Go Inc. specializes in birthday parties for children with special needs


For over 22 years, Lauren Budd has been helping children overcome barriers —  whether they be speech, eating or other sensory-related conditions.

A speech pathologist and United States Air Force veteran, Budd raised her son in Merrick, and now resides in East Meadow. She has a breadth of experience in her field of expertise, having previously worked in both educational and medical settings, before entering the private sector, with her corporation Speech Can Teach.

“A majority of my cliental has had sensory processing issues, or some sort of processing issue,” Budd said. “I’ve found that kids have difficulties with being a picky eater, or with having different sensory needs.”

Post-Covid, as the world returns to some type of normalcy, Budd said a lot of children are having trouble adjusting back into a social rhythm. Under Speech Can Teach, Budd created “Social Thinking Language Groups.”

“It’s activity based learning — I take children out into the community so they can be themselves, so they can get acclimated and deal with their sensory issues, so they can learn how to self regulate in a place that is chaotic,” she explained. “That’s what the social groups are about.

“I get them out each week to a different activity that’s educationally based, structurally based.”

Budd said the groups have been successful in helping children overcome sensory conditions. She decided to take her idea for the groups a step further, and created As Burgers Go Inc., a different corporation that offers inclusive birthday parties for special needs children.

“I wanted to get these kids in something, and be able to have a party, since most of these kids haven’t been able to go to a birthday party,” she said. “Their needs have not been met.”

A lot of birthday parties are geared towards things that might make a child with sensory processing issues feel overwhelmed, she explained. Running around, loud noises and sounds, and other things can create turmoil for special needs children.

“These parties are all structurally based,” Budd said of As Burgers Go. “There for those kids that have difficulty being in room that’s over stimulated. They are engaged in activities that are sensory based so it accommodates their needs.”

There’s dozens of options for parties and different packages, Budd explained, and she’s able to work with parents to customize things that work for their child. Lego parties, magnetic tile parties and interactive sports table parties are just some of the parties she offers.

“It engages every child,” she said. “You do not have to be special needs but I am targeting that population because these kids have been left out.”

Parties for those local would take place at space Budd rents at 263 Horton Highway, Mineola, but she said she is willing to travel and bring the party to families. Depending on distance, some travel fees may apply.

“Everything is self explanatory for all the parties,” she said. “I also do open play where people could come on do play dates.

“I am trying to get this out there so people know there’s place to go for their special needs children, or anybody who wants a party that’s very different,” she said, “with the support that they need to accommodate their needs, with someone who’s a speech pathologist.”

Budd’s corporation is online at AsBurgersGo.com. There, people can view all of the packages she offers, and also get in touch with her to discuss pricing, and something a little more custom. To email Budd directly, contact service@asburgersgo.com.