John F. Kennedy High School students bring fentanyl awareness to community


Fentanyl, a narcotic used in opioids, if ingested can cause severe health issues. Fentanyl overdoses have been on the rise globally as fentanyl can be mixed into other drugs.

Fentanyl is not only in opioids but can also be found in other unexpected and natural reoccuring drugs such as marajuana. It is placed in these drugs in order to attract the consumer more to make their “high” worthwhile. But even just a little dose can be fatal.

Two juniors at John F. Kennedy High School, Eden Goldberg and Matt Rowe, took this issue into awareness. Knowing what to avoid may seem like enough, but learning how to reverse an overdose is important. For his Leadership II civics project, Rowe lobbied for federal legislation to make fentanyl detection strips more available to the public. Goldberg also wanted to spread more awareness to this fatal problem. Rowe and Goldberg both worked together to create a Narcan training event through the Merrick Community Civic Association with the help of the Tempo Group. The Tempo Group is a nonprofit community-based drug and substance abuse counseling center.

Goldberg spoke with Cindy Wolff from the Tempo Group regarding frequently asked questions about fentanyl. Wolff shared about the different forms of Narcan, signs of an overdose, and how and when to dispense the Narcan. Wolff then shared a presentation on how to save someone’s life when they are in a state of overdose. After preparing the participants, Narcan kits were handed out to the participants to use in an overdose. The Narcan kit included the nasal spray, fentanyl detection kits, and emergency contact information. 

“Eden Goldberg has been volunteering for our civic on various projects,” Berta Weinstein, the president of the Merrick Civic said. “She approached me on the fentanyl awareness prevent, and I enjoyed working with her to make it a successful event.

“I was very impressed with Matt Rowe on his leadership project, and hopeful the next generation will make a difference,” she added.

Signing up for a future Narcan training event can save someone’s life. For more information visit or speak to a healthcare worker. 

Eden Goldberg is a junior at John F. Kenendy High School in the Bellmore-Merrick Central High School District. She contributed to the Bellmore & Merrick Heralds.