New location for Nathan’s


Nathan’s Famous Roadside Rest, which has operated at 3131 Long Beach Road in Oceanside since it opened in 1959, will have a new home.

The hotdog-and-burger restaurant will relocate to 2807 Long Beach Road after a request for variances to the building ordinance submitted by the new owner, the Basser Kaufman Development Company, was granted by the Town of Hempstead Zoning Board last week, despite protests from residents.

A variance was needed because the proposed new location, at the corner of Long Beach Road and Merle Avenue, does not have the requisite 55 parking spaces. Basser Kaufman also asked for variances to install a rear-yard Dumpster and a double-faced and illuminated sign projecting over the roofline. The application was presented to the zoning board at a public hearing on July 9. On July 16, the board granted variances for parking and the Dumspster, with provisions, but denied the variance for the double-faced sign.

In a letter to residents who attended the hearing, the board announced its decision and outlined the provisions, which included:

*The store’s hours of operation will be limited to 10 a.m. to 11 p.m., except for summer hours, Memorial Day to Labor Day, when the store will be open until midnight.

*Truck deliveries can be made no more than twice a week, and only between the hours of 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

*There will be a 6’ high slatted chain link fence enclosing the refuse containers which must be placed at the rear of the premises and remain closed at all times they are not being emptied.

While the board denied the proposed double-faced sign, it temporarily;y approved an amended version.

At the July 9 hearing, Tom Cesiro, President of the Oceanside Kiwanis Club, presented the board with a petition signed by 280 residents opposed to the Long Beach Avenue and Merle Avenue location.

“I love Nathan’s I have nothing against them,” Cesiro said. “I have lived here almost 49 years. I grew up in Nathan’s and had parties there when they had the stage and puppet shows. My son would love to spend a whole day there in the game room. I want them to stay in Oceanside, I want to help them find a spot that makes sense. This new location does not and will only cause more headaches for our town.”

Representatives for Nathan’s declined comment.