Oceanside Fire Department

New sign will keep Oceanside safe, informed


One of the last things then Assemblywoman Missy Miller did for the 20th district before resigning in 2022 to become the Councilwoman for the Town of Hempstead was secure funding through the state for the Oceanside Fire Department. What was the funding for? A brand-new LED sign at Fire Department headquarters on Foxhurst Road they asked for to help inform the public.

“I was very happy to be able to secure funds for the Oceanside FD to put up the new LED sign at their firehouse,” Miller wrote in an email to the Herald. “The men and women of the Oceanside FD put their lives on the line to help keep us safe and it was my honor to be able to help them with the sign to communicate information to the community.”

Fire Commissioner Michael Graham said the sign is “going to be a great service to the community because we can now let the community know any events going on, any safety tips, anything that is relevant for them to know about and transparency is the best.”

Things like “smoke detectors change your batteries drive safely, when meetings are being held. And we now have two in town for the community to see. So, it’s a great asset. We thank her a lot”

The last LED sign was outdated, but still in use on the other side of town so more eyes can see what the department has to say.

They’re hoping 20,000 eyes are reading the announcements as they walk or drive past the high traffic areas.

“We want to thank our local officials,” said Graham, “they work so well with the fire district and the fire department and they always have our back and that is important for safety and the residents.” 

— Karina Kovac