Oceanside pool will open this summer, Town says


The summer season has arrived, yet the Oceanside pool remains conspicuously closed, prompting concern and speculation among residents. The pool, a community staple for over half a century, has been the subject of numerous inquiries and mounting frustration. Ellen Feinstein, a long-time resident of Oceanside, first learned about the potential closure of the pool through a community Facebook post a few weeks ago.

“It’s a loss for the neighborhood, because we used to go there all the time,” Feinstein said. “Even though the population of people going to the pool has diminished, there are still people that do enjoy it, and they like to go there. It’s part of their summer. I think it’s a shame that they don’t revamp the pool like they did at Newbridge Road and Echo Park and all these other nice places where you can swim. It’s a nice resource, and we’re just letting it go to waste.”

The pool’s status remained uncertain until a recent statement from the Town of Hempstead offered some clarity after growing concern from residents on the situation.

“The Town is currently in the process of getting Oceanside pool up and running for the season, with an expected opening date prior to the July 4th weekend,” said Brian Devine, Town of Hempstead director of Communications. “In the process of prepping the pool for the season, it was discovered that the pool needed extensive electrical work, which is being completed now. As the pool is over 50 years old, from time to time, issues like this will arise that necessitate extra attention. The Town will keep the residents of Oceanside apprised of an official opening date as it approaches.”

Oceanside resident Mark Greenberg, echoed Feinstein’s concerns and expressed skepticism over the pools status.

“I know people would be sad to see it go,” Greenberg said. “The pool has been closed since last summer, and now it’s still closed, again. People who’ve moved here don’t even know it’s there. It’s a place that has served young families well.”

For many residents the pool has been more than just a recreational facility; it is a place filled with memories and a sense of community. Feinstein, who grew up in Oceanside and has been a community member since she was nine, reminisced about the pool’s heyday, however, she also noted the pool’s decline in recent years.

“Every summer is hot and people like to relax over there. I remember when I used to work in the city, I’d come home from Wall Street, and I would go jump in the pool. It was so nice. They’ve removed a lot of the facilities, like lounge chairs and the concession stand. The sidewalk is broken up. I know that (the Town of Hempstead) put money in for a nice soccer field, but (the pool) is adjacent to it, and they should be thinking about that too.”

As the Town of Hempstead works to complete the necessary repairs, residents remain hopeful but vigilant and push for the preservation and enhancement of this cherished local resource.

“This is a resource, and it should be used,” Feinstein said. “It shouldn’t be closed without us having a vote on it, because our tax dollars go towards this.”