Woman and child hit by a bus in Oceanside


A 45-year-old woman was struck and pinned under a mini school bus while she was pushing a baby stroller at the intersection of Davison Avenue and Long Beach Road in Oceanside on Monday afternoon.

Oceanside Fire Department received a call and within two minutes, units were on the scene. Nassau County Emergency Services Unit and Highway Department were also present. The Fire Department responded with the volunteer and paid EMS squad and extracted the woman by lifting the bus using a five-ton floor jack along with high-pressure airbags.

The woman suffered leg injuries and a laceration to her head. The child in the stroller appeared to be uninjured but was transported, along with the woman, to a local area hospital for evaluation. The child was reunited with a family member. All Fire Department operations were under the direction of Chief Charles Daskalakis. No criminality is expected but the investigation is ongoing.