A grateful Valley Stream 24 gives big thanks


Valley Stream 24 students and staff poured out their hearts in gratitude this Thanksgiving holiday, partaking in a variety of activities that kindled their cheery spirit of thanksgiving. 

At Brooklyn Avenue Elementary School, students held a “Morning of Gratitude,” in which they spent their morning writing down what they were grateful for and then colored in their own turkey feathers with words of appreciation. After sharing their completed works with fellow classmates, the students sat together and filled their bellies with a holiday feast.

William L. Buck Elementary School students enjoyed their annual Grateful Gallop race, dashing off around the Grateful Gallop course with each one crossing the finish line to commemorate all they were grateful for. The students also fashioned their virtual gratitude jars, filling them with thanks for family and friends, their school food, and other simple freedoms enjoyed.

At Robert W. Carbonaro Elementary School, students crafted their own food placemats which they handily deployed during their “Friendsgiving” feast as they sat down together to enjoy juice and snacks. They then shared with each other what they were thankful for and watched an instructional video on how to color their turkeys on their iPads. Students also created a “Thankful Tree” where they colored in the trees, cut out leaves to attach, and wrote on the leaves their words of thanks.

“This is the time of year when we are most reminded of what it is we are grateful for and the value of family and friends. It was truly wonderful and inspiring to see our students come together, celebrate the blessings in their lives, share with each other and publicly acknowledge to each other the things and people they are most grateful for this holiday season, “ said Superintendent Don Sturz. “On behalf of our Board of Education and Administration, we extend our deep appreciation to the  Valley Stream 24 community for  their unwavering support and commitment to our students’ well-being and education.”