Basile is Nassau Columbiette of the Year


Angie Basile has been named the Nassau Columbiette Chapter 2024 Columbiette of the Year. A longtime member of the Glen Cove Knights of Columbus, she has spent over 40 years contributing to the organization and the community, chairing numerous events and raising funds for those in need.
Basile’s recognition as the 2024 Columbiette of the Year highlights a life dedicated to family, community and charitable service. Her story is one of resilience, compassion, and unwavering commitment to making the world a better place, reflecting the true spirit of the Columbiettes and the values they uphold.
Born and raised in Glenwood Landing, she moved to Locust Valley when she was 15, and then to Glen Cove after her marriage. Her husband, Anthony, a Glen Cove native, served in the Army, and the couple lived for a time in Washington state, where their second son was born.
After returning to Glen Cove, they settled down, and Basile devoted herself to raising their three sons: Michael (known as Butch), Tony, and Jerry. Tragically, Jerry died 22 years ago, but Basile now finds joy in her two surviving sons, three grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.
Basile’s community involvement deepened after her husband’s death in 1989. Though she initially focused on her family, her commitment to service grew over the years. She joined the Columbiettes in 1979, and swiftly moved through the organization’s ranks. Starting as the inner guard and then outer guard, Angie soon took on the roles of vice president and president, holding the latter position for an impressive 16 years.

Under Basile leadership, the Columbiettes organized numerous fundraisers, including 50s dance nights and auctions, with all proceeds supporting charitable causes. One of their significant initiatives involved creating alphabet books for the blind. These tactile books featured cut-out letters paired with corresponding Braille labels and objects, such as an apple for “A” and a bear for “B.” This work exemplified the Columbiettes’ dedication to making a tangible difference in people’s lives.
The group’s charitable efforts also extended to supporting the Make-A-Wish Foundation and Toys for Tots, showcasing a broad commitment to aiding diverse causes. Basile’s presidency saw the Columbiettes become a cornerstone of the community’s philanthropic activities.
In addition to her volunteer work, Basile had a long career in the food service industry. She worked at CW Post for 17 years, eventually moving into management before an injury in 2001. Not one to remain idle, she transitioned into home caregiving. She started by caring for a family friend and then expanded to help others in need, including her sister-in-law who has dementia. This work, driven by a deep sense of compassion, allowed Basile to continue making a difference in people’s lives on a personal level.
Her involvement in community service has extended beyond the Columbiettes. She has been a poll worker for many years, assisting with elections. This role allowed her to engage with the residents of Glen Cove, a community she knows well and cherishes. Her enthusiasm for this work is evident in her interactions with voters, helping them navigate the voting process and answering their questions.
Moreover, she is a member of the Sons of Italy, where she also contributes to fundraising efforts. Her broad spectrum of volunteer activities demonstrates a relentless dedication to service and community.
The announcement of Basile as the Nassau Columbiettes Chapter Columbiette of the Year came as a delightful surprise to her, she said.
“I said you gotta be kidding me,” Basile said. “I said there’s got to be somebody more deserving than me.”
Christine Goggin, chapter president of the organization, said she chose Basile because she was always ready and willing to help with events whenever she was asked to.
“She’s a true Catholic woman, and she’s a true Columbiette,” Goggin said. “Whatever are the ideals of the Columbiette, she instills what they are. She’s kind, compassionate, understanding, and friendly.”