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Social Adult Day Care…Peace of Mind for Those Caring for Loved Ones with Cognitive Deficits


If we learned anything from the pandemic, it’s that socialization is vital to every individual’s overall well-being, and is especially critical for older adults in order for them to thrive.   Studies have shown that social isolation later in life is a risk factor for dementia, and for those already experiencing cognitive deficits, it can severely impact physical health, as well.  

So, what are the options for a caregiver of a loved one with Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia, when returning to the office looms in the near future, or when keeping afloat of daily obligations begins to take a toll on health, relationships and career?  Who will provide caring supervision when you’re not able to be there?

Social Adult Day Care (SADC) is a unique, surprisingly affordable solution to the challenge of keeping your loved one engaged and supervised, while you as caregiver handle the daily demands of life, or simply get some much-needed respite.

Imagine bringing your loved one to a program up to five days a week, where he or she is cared for, encouraged to participate in programs, given an opportunity to socialize, and is provided meals and snacks -- all under the watchful, directing eye of trained, caring staff.  This is SADC, a place where participants flourish, have conversations and interact with others, compare stories and express feelings. They build a bond, creating new memories and friendships through their shared experience in the program, building on activities they enjoyed in the past to ensure engagement and connection. 

Social Adult Day Care programs cater to those with mild-to-moderate cognitive deficits, and include stimulating activities, nutritious meals and snacks, and caring supervision; many programs offer a flexible schedule to fit the needs of the caregiver. A typical day might include a themed party or trip, exercise programs, arts and crafts, adult education and more. For many families, the programs are lifelines, providing a supervised, stimulating experience for loved ones who might otherwise decline quicker and lose their identity and self-confidence.

One such program is the Social Adult Day Care Program at Gurwin, which is part of the Gurwin Healthcare System. If you’re searching for a day program that provides compassionate supervision, guided activities and meaningful moments, give us a call. As one of our family members recently stated, “Gurwin’s Social Adult Day Care Program has changed our lives. The staff is caring and loving, and my mom always feels safe.”   Our award-winning program can be life changing for you and your loved one, too.

Call 631-715-2520 for more information or to schedule a tour today!