W.T. Clarke holds its first Career Day


W.T. Clarke High School in East Meadow opened its doors to 58 professionals on Dec. 8 during the school’s first Career Day.

Sophomores, juniors and seniors received life advice from carpenters, real estate agents, doctors, fashion executives and a number of other experts in their field. Some of the speakers were W.T. Clarke alumni who explained how their high school experiences had impacted their future.

“Career Day connects students with business leaders to give them an inside look at major industries and to better understand what it takes to get to where these professionals are,” said Business teacher Joe Pavia. “It’s an excellent opportunity for students to explore different career pathways.”

The day began with an assembly called, “Empowering 21st Century Students: Where Am I Going?,” which was led by Randy Shain, founder of One on One Mentors; Michelle Kyriakides, the executive director of the Hofstra University Career Center; and Beth Bucheister, executive director of Career Day Inc. Speakers inspired students to identify their “VIPS,” or values, interests, personality and skills, when determining which career path to take.

Following the assembly, students attended two breakout sessions with presenters based on their career interests. During these sessions, industry leaders discussed their everyday tasks and experiences, shared their educational backgrounds and answered students’ questions.

“What I would like students to gain from this experience is an understanding of how much opportunity there is to find and work toward a career that is meaningful to them,” said Bucheister.