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Video Games Remain America’s Favorite Pastime With More Than 212 Million Americans Playing Regularly

(BPT) - The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) released its annual 2023 Essential Facts About the U.S. Video Game Industry report this week. The report reveals the number of Americans playing …

Special Competitive Studies Project hosts Global Emerging Technology Summit

(NewsUSA) - Are you curious to learn more about emerging technology, including artificial intelligence, the future of geopolitics, democracy, technology, and warfare? The Global Emerging Technology …

Data access is missing or delayed, and 81% want synthetic data now

(NewsUSA) - Companies are looking to jump on the AI hype to build their own ChatGPTs and improve processes with artificial intelligence. Yet, a recent internal survey by a global telecommunications …

From idea to reality: How AWS' new program aims to kickstart your startup journey
(BPT) - Founding a startup is a thrilling and ambitious undertaking full of excitement and buoyed by the promise of innovation. However, when embarking on the entrepreneurial journey, startup …
How AI can work in tandem with live tutoring
HeyTutor examines how AI technologies might change live tutoring, including how some companies already use it, and discusses fears it could replace human tutors.
Which industries are adopting AI the most and least?
Magnifi, an AI investing platform, analyzed data from McKinsey and Stanford's Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence to see how companies are deploying AI.
From pandemic essential to the new normal: How QR codes rose to prominence
Nearly 2 in 5 American adults will have used QR codes by 2025. Flowcode analyzed Insider Intelligence data to dig into the rapid ramp-up in adoption.
How one company is centering the customer experience in the smart home industry
(BPT) - Smart home automation is top of mind for many homeowners. According to a report by Grand View Research, the smart home market is currently worth over $79 billion and is expected to continue …
How smart home technology can improve your well-being
(BPT) - Water is crucial to your life in so many ways. You drink water, bathe in it, use it for preparing and cooking food, plus washing the clothes you wear each day. In fact, about 60% of your body …
5 back-to-school hacks to help your family's routines run more smoothly
(BPT) - It's time to change up your routines again for getting back to school — are you and your family ready? The biggest challenge can be the shift from looser summer schedules to the many …
Ukraine is a Battle Lab for AI and Drones
(NewsUSA) - “There is no greater catalyst for military innovation than warfare,” according to experts at the Special Competitive Studies Project (SCSP), a bipartisan nonprofit organization. The …
4 Top Tech Devices to Enhance Education
(Family Features) From kid-friendly smartphones and earbuds to connected wearables and devices that keep learning fun, consider these on-trend solutions as your kids head back to school.
Gear Up for College
(Family Features) The right tech gadgets - like smartphones, wearables, headphones and laptops - can help get you one step closer to your degree and navigate both your coursework and social life with ease.
AI, VR, and 5 other technology advancements adopted by online casinos
More players than ever are gambling in online casinos. The Game Day Casino rounded up technology trends keeping users in the game.
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Global Collaboration is Key to Smart AI (Artificial Intelligence) Stewardship

(NewsUSA) - Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming our societies and economies in almost unimaginable ways, according to experts at the Special Competitive Studies Project (SCSP), a …

Demand for cybersecurity analysts is growing twice as fast as the workforce

Drata compiled statistics from ISC2 and other industry sources to illustrate the current state of the IT and cybersecurity workforce.
Growing demand for AI skills will transform these 10 jobs
Employers are seeking workers with AI skills. Freshworks analyzed more than a year of public job posting data compiled by Revelio from popular hiring platforms.
Cracking the gender barrier and inspiring girls to pursue tech careers
(BPT) - Technology jobs continue to evolve, offering career opportunities as well as job security. Traditionally these jobs have been filled by men, but industry leaders and educational experts are …
Generative AI Gains Ground
(NewsUSA) - Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to grip the imagination and the headlines, and AI will continue to impact productivity, security, and economics worldwide, but there is a role for …
Google expands Bitcoin services through Voltage partnership
(BPT) - A few years ago, cryptocurrencies seemed to be a niche form of payment that many were skeptical would catch on. Now, the tide has turned and Venmo, Paypal, Zelle and other payment platforms …
Perfecting the Customer Experience Through Design
(BPT) - By Hwang Sung-gyul, head of the Design Management Center at LG ElectronicsThe physical design or look of a product is extremely important in creating a good first impression with consumers. …