Two officers injured on duty


Two police officers with the Rockville Centre Police Department were injured in the line of duty, while responding to a 9-1-1 call regarding a domestic dispute along Old Mill Court on Feb. 1.

According to court documents provided by the Nassau County District Attorney’s office, when officers arrived they found the suspect, Kevin Bell, 38, was intoxicated on PCP.

When approached by the responding officers, Bell refused to obey their demands to drop the pen and glass pipe from his hands.

Police said in their deposition that Bell was holding the instrument in a threatening manner before he began to violently swing his arms and kick his legs, causing himself and the two responding officers to fall to the ground.

Authorities also said that while on the ground, Bell continued to violently kick and swing his arms until he was ultimately apprehended and handcuffed. He was subsequently arrested by RVCPD at the scene and was charged with two felony counts of assault.

During the struggle, Police Officer Crosby sustained an injury to his right hand, and Police Officer Gonzalez sustained injuries to his right leg, right hand, and to the right side of his face. Both injuries reportedly caused substantial pain, swelling, and bruising.

Both officers were taken to Mount Sinai South Nassau hospital in Oceanside and treated for their injuries.

Bell was arraigned before Nassau County Judge Michael Montesano on Feb. 2. He was charged with assault with intent to prevent specified person from performing lawful duty, a violent felony. He is currently out on bail. 

He is due back in the courtroom on Feb. 28.