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At virtual panel, doctors answer parents’ questions about Covid

After the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Food and Drug Administration earlier this month approved Emergency Use Authorization for the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for children ages 12 to 15, Dr. Shetal Shah, president of New York Chapter 2 of the American Academy of Pediatrics, said pediatricians were inundated by parents’ questions.

Camps gear up for summer reopening on the North Shore

With summer approaching and New York state protocols for how to operate a summer camp under current Covid-19 conditions pending, area camps tentatively plan to use last year’s protocols in 2021.

New name for a well-known itch: ‘maskne'

Nancy Widman said that when she first noticed the rash on her neck, she didn’t think anything of it. But it got worse, spreading down her throat onto her chest. Widman’s doctor attributed her condition to the cloth masks she had been wearing to avoid getting Covid-19. She  recommended that she switch to paper masks, and gave her a prescription for medication.

In a pandemic, Scouting is an ideal activity

While many youth activities were put on pause during the pandemic, Scouting was one exception. Not only did Sea Cliff’s Scouts BSA Troop 43 never miss a beat throughout the past year, troop leaders say, the changes have been beneficial.

Remembering and honoring the fallen on Memorial Day in Glen Head

After a rain-soaked weekend, the weather cleared by Monday morning, allowing holiday events in Glen Head to go forward as planned. Families lined the streets to watch the Memorial Day parade, organized by Glenwood Landing American Legion Post 336, and dozens gathered for the ceremony outside the post headquarters on Glen Head Road.

Sea Cliff Museum reopens

It has been a long, hard road for the Sea Cliff Museum during the past year. Shut down virtually overnight in March 2020 when the Covid pandemic struck, the museum has been unable to fulfill one of its major functions in the community — welcoming visitors to interpretive displays and exhibitions detailing facets of local history.

Pressure builds for state action on water rates

Advocates of a plan for a public takeover of New York American Water backed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo are on the move this week, hoping to forestall an impending May 1 rate increase and move the State Assembly to join the State Senate to act on their behalf.


Boaters take note: Stop speeding in the wetlands

It’s nearly summer, and the boating season is now upon us. That means speedboats and personal watercraft roaring along our coastline.

Scott Brinton

Suburban Long Island getting wilder by the day

Last Nov. 8, I was kayaking in Emory Creek in Freeport, just north of the Narrows, when I spotted what I thought was a chunk of garbage floating in the waterway and paddled over to collect it.

Randi Kreiss

On the road with a priest, a knight and a monk

After 15 months, hundreds of miles, 800 pages and 40 hours of audio, I listened to the closing words of my book this week, and it was good.


We must reduce the dangers of fire-retardant chemicals

Our brave firefighters risk their lives every day to keep our communities safe. The least we can do is protect them from dangerous, cancer-causing chemicals.

Randi Kreiss

It isn’t your grandma’s senior prom night

Prom 2021 is an act of faith. It is kids needing to shake off more than a year of lockdowns, shutdowns, sickness and isolation. It is a down payment on good times ahead after an avalanche of disappointments.

Herald Inside LI hosts virus and vaccine webinar

A little over a week ago, the pandemic hit its global year anniversary, and on March 19, Nassau County reached 400 thousand residents who have received at least one dose of either the …

Herald Inside LI hosts College webinar on upcoming fall semester

As a result of the pandemic, colleges everywhere have had no choice but to make social and academic changes to their school settings. Students, faculty and staff have adapted to our new …