World Cup watching technology

Score a big win with the ultimate soccer home theater essentials

(BPT) - Billions of people around the world count themselves as soccer fans. No matter who's your favorite team, cheering them to victory is essential. Don't do so on a subpar screen with poor sound …

[ThinQ Lab.6] Bring the Thrill of the Stadium Right to Your Home

(BPT) - The wait is over as soccer’s biggest global tournament is under way in Qatar. Situated on a beautiful peninsula, the small Middle Eastern country has pulled out all the stops, building …

How to enjoy the ultimate FIFA World Cup viewing experience at home

(BPT) - There is one sport that brings together people of all ages around the world: soccer. And there's one event that has everyone across time zones cheering for their favorite team: the FIFA World …

Tech news

From smart kitchens to robocooks: 10 tech innovations transforming restaurants

Task Group analyzed news and trends across the restaurant industry to find 10 innovations pushing the forefront of technology when it comes to food service.

5 ways tech innovation has changed skilled trade jobs

ServiceTitan examined how technological innovations have transformed jobs in the trade industries.   

A New Frontier: 5 Reasons Why Iceland is a Growing Hub for Filmmakers Around the World

(BPT) - As the international film industry evolves, many filmmakers are exploring beyond the hills of Hollywood to find new movie magic and inspiration. Cinema is an important part of Iceland’s …

Countries that award the most STEM degrees

College Ave used data from the National Center for Education Statistics to rank the countries that award the most STEM bachelor's degrees.

These countries increased solar capacity the most since 2007

Enviro Friendly cited data compiled by environmental think tank Ember to look at countries whose solar electricity capacity has grown the most over the past 15 years.

How employees' hours are being tracked in today's workforce

Buddy Punch curated a list of five ways employers use new, technologically enhanced employee tracking software to monitor remote workers' hours.

How privacy policies enveloped the world

Stacker spoke with several privacy experts to gauge the true impact of privacy on the average person and how the government has addressed the increased need for privacy in the connected world.

​​5 ways employers use virtual reality for training

Tovuti LMS researched five ways employers in different industries use virtual reality to train employees in various professional and technical skills.  

How the customer experience can be innovated with data

(BPT) - By Lee Sam-soo, CDO at LG ElectronicsThe concept of the customer experience (CX) has risen in popularity in the media, academia and across a variety of industries in recent times, with some …

3 Tips to Avoid Travel Scams

(Family Features) he internet brings vacations and getaways to travelers' fingertips, but instant access also means vulnerability to fraudsters looking to steal data. Next time you search the web to book that long-awaited vacation, consider these tips to spot, avoid and report scams.

What the hack: 3 tips to keep you safe online

(BPT) - Your digital accounts and online activities may make your life easier and perhaps even more enjoyable, but did you know every time you log in, it's a chance for cybercriminals to hack your …

Strong internet connectivity helps you thrive as life evolves

(BPT) - Demand for reliable networking solutions is at an all-time high for businesses and individuals alike. Whether it’s for work, school, health care or entertainment, many daily activities …
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Keep your home and family safe with these 3 smart cybersecurity steps

(BPT) - Your home is your sanctuary, a place you want to feel safe. While you may rely on locks and security systems to keep your property secure, are you taking the same level of precautions when it …

These are the groups behind some of the biggest cybercrimes

Using sources including the U.S. government and the Council on Foreign Relations, Twingate has compiled a list of eight notorious hacking groups around the world.

Exceptional and Unparalleled Customer Experiences

(BPT) - By Lee Hyang-eun, managing director of the Customer Experience Innovation Division at LG ElectronicsWe are living in the era of the ‘experience economy’ where the ability to offer …

3 Current Realities of Latinos in Tech Careers

(BPT) - Every year during Hispanic Heritage Month, the country honors and celebrates the contributions Latinos have made to this nation. From advancements in science, healthcare, civil and labor …

Had a safe flight? Innovation in American commercial aerospace drives the way.

(BPT) - As Labor Day marked the traditional end of summer, it is no secret this year’s travel season was quite the bumpy ride. Travel was up as Americans took to the skies again. In fact, the …

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What went wrong ...?

Grumpy Old Geeks Show description: As one of the longest-running podcasts, "Grumpy Old Geeks" discovers what went wrong on the Internet, and who's to blame. Every week they cut through the BS from …


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