Jones Beach Energy and Nature Center releases rescued turtles


The relatively new Jones Beach Energy and Nature Center has made it its mission to fight for the conservation of local wildlife. That fight continued recently with the release of endangered animals.

On July 21, the Jones Beach Energy and Nature Center, in coordination with the Atlantic Marine Conservation Society and Mystic Aquarium, released eight critically endangered Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtles and one loggerhead sea turtle.

Representatives from both organizations joined with Energy and Nature Center staff Hayden Urysk, Marissa DeBonis, Micaylee Cassidy, and Jeanne Haffner, Regional Director George Gorman, and members of the public to guide them back to their ocean home.

This event marks the first sea turtles that were rehabilitated at the AMSEAS Sea Turtle Critical Care Facility that were able to be released In New York waters.