An Indian summer that just won’t quit


Stephanie Kane, the greenhouse manager for Crossroads Farm, was out in the farm’s field last week, as she often is, harvesting a delicious-looking crop of mixed greens when the sight of her working made a visitor take pause. Was it really Nov. 27? A quick glance at an online calendar confirmed it was, but luckily, plants can’t read calendars.

What they can do, however, is sense when the weather is warm, as was the case at the farm last week when the temperature hit a high of 65 degrees. At a time when it should be in the upper 40s, we found Kane outside in a sleeveless shirt — the picture of summer — gathering produce growing only yards away from the dozens of Christmas trees for sale there.

Some of the items she gathered included cabbage, organic swiss chard, and leafy greens that make up the farm’s Hotshot Spicy Lettuce Mix.

If you love fresh lettuce, fresh Christmas trees and the smell of fresh pine, the farm is the freshest place for you nowadays.