Building an intergenerational bridge with reading


James A. Dever Elementary School recently saw the return of its Intergenerational Reading Program where students from first grade to fourth grade paired up with volunteers from the National Council of Jewish Women to read books at their school library.

This month, reading mentors joined the students every Monday for one-on-one reading. The experience of hearing a book read out loud and having the opportunity to discuss the book’s themes and story helps stimulate students’ reading comprehension, creativity, and emotional intelligence, according to school officials. And the overall experience creates a bond between generations and develops friendships and reading skills that stay with students for a lifetime.

“Volunteers and our students mutually benefit from the program,” noted Principal of James A. Dever Elementary School Darren Gruen. “Our young readers and adult volunteers, through their interaction, positively inspire each other, leading to a greater love of reading.”