Clear Stream students give thanks to board members


Clear Stream students thanked Valley Stream District 30 Board of Education trustees in honor of School Board Recognition Week with a Hollywood-inspired performance alongside families on Oct. 24.

A projector screen hung above the Shaw Avenue auditorium stage with the words “Valleywood” in reference to the iconic Los Angeles sign on Mount Lee. The show kicked off with a short sketch by students. Second and fourth-grade chorus singers then performed under the direction of Stephanie Cooke.

A new song, “Hooray for Valleywood,” written by Clear Stream Principal John Singleton, celebrated the unique qualities of the student’s hometown. Student Emily Arias then took center stage for a dazzling dance.

The event culminated in the premiere of “Valleywood the Movie,” in which Clear Stream students took on the roles of the district’s board members and acted out a business meeting. After the showing, each board member — which includes President Kelly Ureña, Vice President Sandra Okafor, and trustees Kenneth Cummings, James Lavery, and Ingrid Wyllie Dacon — stood on the stage with their actor counterparts to give their thanks for the performance.