Jamie Terran helps moms find a balance that works


Jamie Terran knows what its like to have your hands full.

The Merrick-based mom of a young toddler is used to juggling childcare and her career, and understands that mothers like herself may face similar struggles.

A career coach, Terran is making it a mission to help moms like her, and starting this spring, she’ll be hosting completely virtual support groups to help busy parents feel just a little less stressed.

“I started my business as a career coach after changing my own career plans,” Terran said. “I had intended to go to medical school and ultimately realized that wasn’t the right path for me. And during that time for myself, I realized how little support there is once you’ve launched into a world of work to answer the question: What do I want to be when I grow up?”

Terran said people in the millennial generation and younger are told they can be whatever they want to be. “But that next piece of what your options are,” she said, “and how you choose your professional direction is often not educated on.”

Figuring out that professional direction isn’t always easy, she explained, because there’s a lot of pressure on young adults to find their purpose in life.

“I don’t think that there’s a singular purposes we all have in life that we have to find,” she added. “But I do think that we’re all worthy of finding jobs that are exciting and challenging and interesting,”

What spurred the next part of Terran’s journey helping other people, was her daughter.

“I was always someone who knew without a doubt, I wanted to be a parent,” Terran explained. “And that I wanted to have a career that was meaningful and where I was contributing to our world. I knew that this country’s work environment does not support that.”

Terran said now, she’s found a balance, and an excellent childcare solution, that meets her needs.

Her “Super Mama Support Groups,” will help women do just the same thing — figure out what works for them, and what suits their life and career. To make it easier on already busy moms, the groups will meet virtually, biweekly for 12-weeks.

“I decided to host them virtually because I felt that we are able to building a meaningful connection online,” she noted, “and making them virtual eliminates that extra time commitment.”

Her next class begins on April 13 at 7:30 p.m., and for more information, visit JamieTerran.com/supermamassupport.

“I want to be a resource for all the moms who are feeling so overwhelmed, so incredibly busy, as they juggle their professional ambitions and their personal desires,” she said. “I say, get the support, find a community of people who experience similar challenges and support them on their journey through success and failure, and know that they’re making purposeful decisions that support their own identities and needs.”