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Oceanside Fire Department responds to Isaias, offers tips to residents


The Oceanside Fire Department responded to 73 alarms during Tropical Storm Isaias on Aug. 4, dispatching 109 members of the volunteer department in 12 trucks.

At the height of the storm between 12:30 and 5:30 p.m., the department responded to 59 alarms. The calls mostly included trees that fell onto homes and fallen wires. Two of the alarms included minor fires, including one at Mount Sinai South Nassau hospital, and two ambulance calls.

On Aug. 5, the department responded to 11 alarms, which mostly included downed wires and on Aug. 6, it dealt with 17 issues.

The OFD has offered the following tips to residents:

Never use water on an electrical fire

The wires on the lower half of the telephone poles are communication wires

The wires on the upper half are electrical wires

If you are unsure, contact the power company or the Fire Department

Never touch power lines

Always assume that power lines are energized

When to call the power company:

If the electricity goes out

When electric lines are down whether on a pole or attached to your house and there is no fire or sparking

When to call the Fire Department:

When a tree falls onto your house and compromises the roof

For any type of electrical issue, whether inside or outside your home, such as a fire or sparking

If you experience a fire, smoke in the house, a burning smell or an electrical issue, get out and stay out. Notify the Fire Department from outside the house or building

You experience any injury or medical emergency

The Fire Department’s emergency number is (516) 766-0245. Its business line is (516) 766-2717.

Courtesy Oceanside Fire Department; compiled by Mike Smollins