Oceanside, Island Park schools closed for two weeks under county-wide order amid coronvirus


All Nassau County schools will be closed for two weeks as of Monday, by order of Nassau County Executive Laura Curran.

Oceanside School District Supertintendent Dr. Phyllis Harrington notified the communnity via email Sunday morning. Before the announcement, the district had decided to close school Monday and Tuesday "to stay connected to those experts and officials in an effort to make the best decisions possible for all members of the Oceanside community," Harrington said.

Now, all county schools will resume March 30, and there are still decisions to be made, Harrington wrote. She said she is working with school officials to organize "decisions and recommendations for our students and staff."

The district sent home information packets with students on Friday and urges all families to check their emails and the school website for the latest updates. The district has also set up an information page on the coronavirus.

"I wish you and your families the very best," Harrington wrote, "and I am confident we will get through this trying time together."

Island Park Public Schools' Board of Education also issued a statement to the community about the schools closure. The statement said that school officials have a plan in place to continue providing sustenance to students who rely on school breakfast and lunch, and the district "will be announcing that plan once all the details are finalized and implemented."

In addition, teachers and administrators are preparing lessons and assignments for students to complete at home and will coordinate with parents when they are ready.

"We hope that this precaution is effective in preventing the spread of the virus," the statement said, "and that our children can quickly return to their classes healthy and without fear of contamination."

Curran made the announcement Sunday morning as health and school officials look to contain the spread of the coronavirus, which has claimed the lives of two New Yorkers, both of whom had underlying health conditions, and infected more than 600 people statewide.

Schools will be closed for students, but administrators and teachers may still enter buildings.

Accodring to a memo to Nassau County superintendents from Curran, school districts are allowed to:

• Ask 12-month employees to report to their buildings.

• Provide professional development instruction to staff.

• Provide distance learning if necessary.

A memorandum circulating in the Hewlett-Woodmere School District stated that transportation for non-public schools would not be provided during this period. It was unclear if that would be the case in all districts. 

More to follow.