Teal pumpkins mean allergy awareness on Halloween


This Halloween, teal pumpkins will be a sought-after decoration for those trick-or-treaters seeking fun holiday treats, but need to steer clear of certain candies due to food allergies.

The Malverne Civic Association, together with Crossroads Farm and the Malverne Rotary, are bringing the national Teal Pumpkin Project to the village this Halloween. The Project is an effort to heighten allergy awareness among those giving out Halloween treats to the ghosts and goblins who ring their doorbell.

The concept is behind the Teal Pumpkin Project is simple: a teal-painted pumpkin is placed in front of homes to indicate that non-food Halloween treats are available for the taking at that home.

“One of our board members has a child with an allergy, and she alerted us to this cause,” said Kathi Monroe, president of the Malverne Rotary and a member of the village’s civic association. “The farm was generous enough to sell us pumpkins without an up charge, we went in and spray-painted some, and the Malverne Civic Association donated the starter kits. This is really just a public service to help the children enjoy the holiday.”

Homes wishing to participate can now purchase a teal-painted pumpkin at Crossroads Farm for $2.99. While supplies last, a sample Halloween goodie bag will be included, giving the purchaser an idea of what type of items they can purchase for children with food allergies.

Teal pumpkin purchasers will also receive a poster that explains the project, and a handout that sticker that goes on the pumpkin itself. “Most people who need the service will already be well aware of what it is,” said Monroe.

People can also paint their own pumpkins teal if they wish, and make up their own goodie bags with inexpensive, festive toys, pencils, notepads and the like. Free posters, flyers, stickers, coloring sheets and more can be downloaded from the website at foodallergy.org.

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