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LWA Antics

Tiger basketball is back, other sports to follow


Due to Covid-19, many schools have had to shut down all sports for the rest of the school year, but things might be changing for the better.

A new rule approved in Nassau County allowed schools play winter sports. Lawrence Woodmere Academy were happy to announce that the boys’ basketball team started up again.

Director of Athletics at LWA David O’Keeffe said: “We tried our best to bring some normality back to LWA, and having a basketball season was a huge step towards that goal.

Coach Brett Tawil and the players have worked so hard to get this season going and follow all the safety guidelines. We are all thrilled to be back competing again. Even though it is a short season, seeing the Tigers play competitive basketball again is a huge accomplishment for everyone involved. The boys are currently 3-0.”

During this past mid-winter recess the boys basketball team had their first game against the boys’ basketball team from Knox and won with a score of 62-58.

Even though things seem to be getting back to normal with the basketball season, there are still changes that have to be made to make games and practices safe for everyone.

To make practices Covid-safe, masks are mandatory at every practice, only six to eight players are allowed on the court at all times, and players must stay six-feet apart.

Before and after every single practice, all the boys are sanitized. The new Covid rules for games are very similar to the rules for practices. During games, masks must be worn at all times, players must be socially distanced when on the bench, and no players are allowed in the locker rooms.

Even with all the new Covid rules, players are really grateful to have sports back and very enthusiastic about the basketball season.

Senior Ian Geraghty said: “It felt amazing to be back on the court again with the team. We are like a brotherhood and the court is our house. After having one scrimmage under our belt we were able to get our first win of the season in league competition against Knox. Each and every one of us executed our roles, hustled, and let our team play. I am grateful to be on the court again and will never take it for granted.” 

The startup of the basketball team is just the beginning. There are plans to start up other sports again, such as girls’ volleyball and others as things get back to normal, and hopefully the basketball team continues to have a successful season.