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Vote for these candidates for Nassau County Legislature


Ten Nassau County legislative seats are up for grabs within our coverage areas. As voters must do, we looked at the candidates in each district and made our choice.We were faced with the same frustrating choices that voters will make on Nov. 8. Many — though certainly not all — of the incumbents are doing a good job, which means that there is seldom a good reason to endorse a challenger, so we are left generally disappointed with what has become an almost inevitable perpetuation of the status quo.

Too many of our legislators lack the brainy imagination and the bold independence to stand up to their leadership and fight for what’s good for Nassau County. We cannot let the county Republican and Democratic political machines continue to enshrine a system that disables due deliberation and ingenuity and encourages legislators to just go along with their party’s caucus.

There’s no communication between the two parties, no reconciliation of ideas to produce bipartisan legislation, no progress on important issues like sustainable economic development and job creation, no consensus-building on redistricting — in short, no effort to achieve great things.

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