Revival of Glen Cove Hospital continues


Glen Cove Hospital is continuing its journey forward with renovations that are creating a renaissance of sorts to benefit patients, caregivers and the community. The latest improvement is the replacement of a wall on the first floor with an imaging reception room for patients and their families. Located a few steps away from the operating room, the reception room, with its offerings of coffee and tea, pale blue and white chairs, partial glass walls and soothing artwork, providing a serene environment for those having imaging and surgical procedures and their families.
The John and Diana Colgate Family Reception Area is phase one in the creation of an imaging center also to be named after the Colgates. They donated over $1 million to the project also raising an additional $2 million from their friends and family. In the past, the couple have supported the oncology department and renovations to GCH’s emergency department.
“We are immensely grateful to John and Diana Colgate for their extraordinary generosity and commitment to improving healthcare in our community,” said Kerri Ann Scanlan RN, the hospital’s executive director. “Their contribution has allowed us to create a state-of-the-art imaging center that will greatly enhance our ability to provide exceptional care to our patients.”
There are also plans for a new in-house MRI machine in February.
“It will be a state-of-the-art MRI with lower decibels, music and a heated table,” said Melonie Pernice, GCH’s associate executive director for hospital operations. “By having an MRI on site the diagnosis will be faster, which will be better for our patients and our community. Even our employees will benefit because if they need an MRI they can come on their lunchbreaks.”

Currently, patients are transported to a nearby Northwell Health imaging center to have the testing performed. Having the new MRI and imaging waiting room will benefit them and their families.
“With the inception of the waiting area family members will be right there,” said Tamika Wallace, associate executive director of perioperative care, “so if a surgeon needs to speak to them, they are close by.”
Having their families so close is also a relief for the patients, she added. “They love it that their families are being taken care of and they don’t have to worry about them,” Wallace said.
“Having the Colgate Imaging Center for an MRI and the new reception center will provide world class care to our patients and the community we serve right in our own facility,” Scanlon said.
Scanlon said a new CAT scan, which will have a lower dose of radiation than the traditional machine, will also be arriving soon for GCH’s emergency room.