Valley Stream mother-son duo plead guilty to murder of Far Rockaway man

A Valley Stream mother and her son pleaded guilty to the fatal shooting of a 27-year-old Far Rockaway man in 2020, the Queen’s district attorney’s office said.


This Valley Stream native is a Goldwater Scholar

Antonio Collado, a biochemistry major at Hofstra University, has been honored as a Goldwater Scholar and recipient of the Chemers Neustein Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship from Rockefeller …


James Dever revamps its Take10 program for book buffs

Va lley Stream 13’s James A. Dever Elementary School welcomed back its Take10 program after pandemic-induced hiatus. This program started over 10 years ago as a James A. Dever exclusive …


Give a big Willow Road welcome to this national park ranger

Valley Stream 13’s Willow Road Elementary School was recently visited by park ranger Tyler Kuliberda from the National Park Service. Students were given the opportunity to learn about the …

Valley Stream 13 students celebrate holy month of fasting

Ramadan is celebrated worldwide annually in the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. In honor of Ramadan, Valley Stream 13 schools partook in classroom lessons and activities aimed at broadening the …


This summer, keep our kids from drowning

The video is heart-wrenching. One by one, parents explain how their child drowned, holding their pictures and saying their names. It’s part of a public service announcement . . .


Municipalizing LIPA would be a big mistake

Converting the Long Island Power Authority to a public power utility from a private-public partnership, which is being considered by the State Legislature through a commission, would be a massive mistake.

Randi Kreiss

Mothering our way through the pandemic

A global pandemic was never part of the job description in my Mothers Handbook, circa 1971, but so be it. This is our time.

Peter King

Those who leak national intelligence must be punished

The true enormity of the real-life consequences that will result from the leaking of sensitive national security secrets by Air Guardsman Jack Teixeira hit me hard the other day . . .