BREAKING NEWS: Homeless man arrested for alleged machete attack at Merrick Road laundromat


Village general election 2023: Arroyo wants to change the conversation

As a political firebrand and activist, Cristina Arroyo has been outspoken about the need to tackle the structural barriers that exclude under-represented groups in her hometown of Valley Stream. She …


Village general election 2023: Bonelli wants more thoughtful government

Anthony Bonelli spent decades of his working life across various city services, optimizing systems, and improving standards of transparency, efficiency, and integrity. Now he hopes to bring his …


Village general election 2023: Fare knows progress made, progress coming

He’s a third-generation Valley Stream resident and has become a pillar of village government for more than a decade. Now Edwin Fare is asking his neighbors to extend his time as mayor for a …


South Valley Stream student promotes peace through art

Valley Stream South High School 8th grader Sudan Belvanis had her artwork selected by a panel of judges to be featured in the Shanti Fund 2023 Peace Art Calendar earlier this year. Her …


Nassau County Girl Scouts fundraise for victims of quake in Syria, Turkey at Masjid Hamza

The crowd of men and children streaming into the Masjid Hamza mosque in Valley Stream gathered along a spot sectioned off for Friday afternoon prayer at the back parking lot on Feb. 24. Without the …


We must keep government transparent

March 12-18 is Sunshine Week. Associations, institutions and organizations connected to journalism will celebrate the initiative to promote open government, which was launched in 2005 . . .


The shell game we like to call graduation rates

State taxpayers remain mostly blinded by educational obfuscations like the high school graduation rate.

Randi Kreiss

Writers will tell the story of our times

In honor of National Reading Day on March 2, I reread Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible.”


The governor’s misguided affordable-housing plan

It appears that Gov. Kathy Hochul has made a conscious decision to declare political war on Long Island.