LIJVS wins critical care excellence award

The Critical Care Unit at Long Island Jewish Valley Stream Hospital (LIJVS) has earned the Gold Beacon Award for excellence from the American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN). The gold …


Baha’i Center hosts worldwide unity conferences

“Great Spirit, we come to you this morning in ceremony. We come to this sacred place to talk to you. Give us your eyes today so that we may see the beauty in all things…,“ said …


V.S. firefighters put out shed caught aflame

A shed found at the rear of a house on Bayview Avenue was engulfed in flames on May 13, according to fire officials. The Valley Stream Volunteer Fire Department was alerted of an unknown type of …


South High Quiz Bowl Team wins L.I. Championship

Valley Stream South High “It’s Academic” Quiz Bowl team clinched the top spot at the Long Island Championship Regional Quiz Bowl league, defeating previously undefeated Great Neck …


Central High holds 64th Annual Festival Concert

Three hundred student musicians from the Valley Stream Central High School district in chorus, orchestra, and band took part in the annual Music Scholarship Festival Concert fundraiser late last …


A leaking Supreme Court puts us at risk

Let’s be clear. The calculated illegal leak of a draft decision by the U.S. Supreme Court is akin to leaking the launch codes for America’s nuclear arsenal.

Randi Kreiss

When the pandemic hits home

Two Sundays ago my husband tested positive for Covid-19. He was at home on the East Coast and I was visiting grandkids on the West Coast. It was the very last night of my trip; he called to say he had a cold . . .


Your voice is more important now than ever

It’s likely the eve of the destruction of Roe v. Wade — an act likely to be met with cheers or outrage, depending on which side of the landmark 1973 U.S. Supreme Court abortion case people land on. And what comes next could very well be up to your state legislator.


My friend Mike, and his new interest in guns

My friend Mike is a gentle soul with a quick sense of humor. We met when we studied journalism at Long Island University’s Brooklyn Center and worked endlessly on the school newspaper, Seawanhaka.

Valley Stream North earns tennis title

For the first time in 13 years, the Valley Stream North boys’ tennis team captured a conference championship.Daniel Ellis, Craig Papajohn-Shaw and Everton Prospere won their respective singles …