Howell hosts WizFit game with hoop pros


Howell Road Elementary School is excited to announce its collaboration with local legend, the Harlem Wizards to host the WizFit Challenge Fundraiser and Kids Experience. This two-week event aims to raise funds for the Howell Road Elementary School PTA and support the completion of the school’s beautification project.

“We are thrilled to partner with the Harlem Wizards for this exciting fundraising event,” said Frank Huplosky, Principal of Howell Road Elementary School. “Not only will our students have a fun opportunity to engage with world-class athletes and learn valuable skills, but our young scholars will also contribute to improving our school community.”

During the WizFit Challenge Fundraiser, Howell Road Elementary School students will watch and participate in an exclusive series of six interactive videos led by Harlem Wizard stars, Swoop and Broadway. The videos will help students get fit, learn tricks, and provide a fun and engaging experience.

The primary goal of this collaboration is to raise funds to help complete the beautification project at Howell Road Elementary School. The project includes the installation of a new paved seating area and benches in front of the school building. This initiative aims to create a welcoming and comfortable environment for students, staff, and visitors, enhancing the school’s overall appearance.