Letter to the Editor

Sandy is proof that Gibson doesn’t flood


To the Editor:

The Gibson section of Valley Stream passed the recent 1-percent-chance-in-100-years test with Hurricane “Frankenstorm” Sandy and the nor’easter with no flooding and no property damage to my Gibson Boulevard home. The only properties in Valley Stream that had flooding from Hurricane Sandy and the nor’easter were homes in North Woodmere whose property is located with Jamaica Bay in their backyard, but not Gibson.

Gibson and the rest of the Village of Valley Stream south of Sunrise Highway was fraudulently placed in FEMA’s “AE” high-risk flood based on a Suffolk County Base Flood Elevation Study from Fire Island to Montauk Point in 2009. We in Gibson and Valley Stream have been waiting three long years to have this error corrected.

I am asking FEMA to please kindly and immediately put our properties in Gibson back into the “X” non-flood zone where they belong.

Alan Schachter

Valley Stream