Valley Stream 13 students celebrate holy month of fasting


Ramadan is celebrated worldwide annually in the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. In honor of Ramadan, Valley Stream 13 schools partook in classroom lessons and activities aimed at broadening the students’ knowledge and understanding of the holy month of fasting and its importance to the Islamic faith.

“Our schools are diverse places, with students representing various cultures and religions,” said Superintendent Judith LaRocca. “In learning about and celebrating our differences, as well as our similarities, our students become more accepting, compassionate, and understanding of those around them.”

James A. Dever Elementary School students took part in reading “Ramadan” by Hannah Liot. This children’s book teaches the different traditions of Ramadan and how the holiday is celebrated throughout the world. In addition, students drew and colored lanterns and had meaningful conversations about these symbols of hope.

In Howell Road Elementary School, students were taught about Ramadan and created the crescent moon and stars that hung on their classroom windows. Students had a discussion about how the crescent moon and star symbols are closely associated with Ramadan and how they signify the beginning and end of fasting during the holiday.

At Willow Road Elementary School, students learned about Ramadan through an interactive Q and A with their friends and classmates who celebrate the holiday. The sixth graders were able to gain a deeper understanding of the importance of the holiday and its traditions to those of the Islamic faith from their peers.